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profile: talented in transformations

Tamsin Higgins manages the Tom Higgins consultancy. Her experience demonstrates a wide range of very successful results in retail, commercial and exhibition design.

"It's essential to work with the client right from initial creative brief, through the design and production stages to project completion to ensure the design reflects their brand and how they want to present themselves," says Tamsin.

Tom Higgins specialises in the development of high quality projects and has had outstanding feedback on our retail and commercial interiors as well as exhibition stands and corporate sets. We are happy working with a range of clients, from first time exhibitors to larger marketing departments on a range of budgets as each project is approached individually.

Tamsin is dedicated to excellence and explains, "Our principles are to create sophisticated yet simple design solutions, alongside our commitment to excellent project and production management, ensuring we provide you with the best possible solution whether it is a retail environment, product launch set or an exhibition stand."

Explore the portfolio or just call Tamsin on 01279 817517 to get your space transformed.